TEAloe Peach

TEAloe Peach
There are the goods in this world and there are the evils. There is the black and the white; the yin and the yang. There are the stances and items in the world that are strong parallels and polar opposites. It's hard to live with extremes and most things fall somewhere in the middle, in the grays. I would never call this drink strictly a tea, nor would I call it solely an aloe beverage. It falls into that previously mentioned gray. Ick. No one wants a gray drink. Luckily for us this does not have that particular hue. I would say that it falls closer to a tea than an aloe, but that is mainly due to the lower levels of sugar added.

Let's talk about the sweetness of this drink, shall we? Now I like my green tea unsweetened. I like to taste the actual tea, and I do…₮ÂĶa lot. On the opposite of that, aloe drinks are one of the few beverages that I like really sweet. This drink doesn't fill either of my preferred criteria for maximum enjoyment. It's too sweet for how I like to enjoy my green tea and it does not contain enough sugar to satisfy my aloe needs. Instead we find ourselves in that middle ground again with a whole new beast.

So what we have here is mainly a cane sugar sweetened green tea that has a light peach flavoring to it that has aloe chunks in it and a bit of the natural flavor of aloe that normally gets obscured under obscene amounts of sugar. I'm sure for some people that is a magical combination, but while I do enjoy it, it leaves me craving just a little bit more, or less, whichever way you choose to look at it.
Aloe Vera, Chunky and Iced Tea
United States
Cane Sugar
Jason Draper on 2/15/14, 11:33 AM
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