Teas' Tea Half & Half Green Tea with Green Apple

Teas' Tea Half & Half Green Tea with Green Apple
"Go green!" everyone says. "It's good for the environment!" they add, rather snobbish. Teas' Tea just couldn't hear it anymore. All day, green, green, green. "Enough!" the CEO said. "We're going to go so green you're going to puke!" When that dude gets mad, he will do whatever it takes to stop. He went into the Teas' Tea workshop alone for an entire weekend. He shut off his phone and told no one to come down until he said it was alright.

Saturday came and went. Sunday came and went. Monday came and went and people were getting worried. No one dared knock on the door for fear of near execution. Tuesday he emerged from the workshop with bottles in his arm exclaiming, "I've done it!" to an empty office. Everyone had gone out for tacos. He took his bottles and put them on everyone's desk so when they returned they had something to drink. They all came back and the intern who was rather thoughtful brought a taco back just in case he was done working. The intern gave him the burrito and the CEO gave him the lowdown on what he was working on.

What he manufactured for almost four days was a green apple and green tea drink that embodied all that was green and delicious. Initially it tastes like a green apple then it kicks in to green tea gear, whatever that gear is. It's not overly sweet and tastes like it gets all its sweetness from the apple even though both cane sugar and Stevia sweeten it. The intern loved it and everyone who tried it came in one by one to agree that it was all the same.

The CEO pushed that product to the people ASAP and people agree; Teas' Tea went green and did it swimmingly.
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