Teas' Tea Ice Steeped Cold Brew Raspberry Black Tea

Teas' Tea Ice Steeped Cold Brew Raspberry Black Tea
I balked at cold brew for coffee when it became popular as being nonsense for people with too much time disposable income. Then it was finally forced upon me as a friend and I realized that I wanted to be one of those people because it was so much better than regular coffee; smooth and delicious. Now cold brewing tea is becoming a thing, and again I thought it was companies jumping on a trend, but I'll be damned if this is not the best sweetened raspberry tea that I have ever tasted. Just like with the coffee the tea is smooth, without being syrupy. I'm sure a bit part of the greatness is that actual dried raspberries are brewed with the tea and it's not an additive. The sugar level is kept to 15g, which makes it sweet, but tolerably so. Let me rephrase that, it a level of sweetness that you can actually enjoy. It doesn't overshadow the actual flavor of the drink, but it also helps them to shine a bit. It leaves a tad bit of bitterness to the tea, and that's how I like things. The price point on this will keep it from being a regular drink, but it is something I will definitely treat myself to from time to time.
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Jason Draper on 6/22/18, 4:22 PM
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