Teas' Tea Latte Chai Tea Latte

Teas' Tea Latte Chai Tea Latte
Is chai tea magic? I mean it doesn't involve eye of newt or toe of frog, but there is a very specific list of ingredients that when combined together make something truly wonderful. I get the feeling that if you mixed things up and added the wrong thing in comical movie way the results might not be as bad as the silver screen portrays it, but it could get gross, fast. You add cinnamon, cardamom, ginger root, black pepper, cloves and star anise to black tea and bam; you have a beverage that has been enjoyed by many forms of royalty throughout the centuries. I can only imagine that if those ingredients happened to be mixed up that some sort of beheading or torture would have resulted. I mean everyone was treated as savages back then, right?

I don't know at what point milk started being added to this spiced tea, but whoever came up with it deserves a tip of my nonexistent hat. While straight up chai tea is great, the addition of milk makes it so much smoother and more enjoyable to drink. Chill that and you've somehow made it even better.

Tea's Tea has smoothed out their chai tea to the max. This is ridiculously enjoyable as it has a spicy flavor that is not overpowering and at the same time it doesn't taste like milk with spices added to it. This is still primarily a tea, which is as things should be. The only thing I could think of that would improve this would be for it to be made with soy or almond milk instead of skim milk powder. That would be right in the pocket.

Now I just need someone to make me a chai green tea latte. I bet it would be amazing, but too bad it would probably also be considered black magic that would cause it's created to lose his/her head to a blade.
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