Teas' Tea Latte Matcha Green Tea Latte

Teas' Tea Latte Matcha Green Tea Latte
Up until I went to the UK a few years back, I had never put milk in my tea. I was strictly a honey man. Then when there, someone (ie everyone) made us tea and made it with milk and a little sugar. It wasn't how I would normally drink tea, actually I don't think I've ever made hot plain black tea at home ever, but it was enjoyable and it seemed fitting. I've still never added milk to my tea when on native soil but the couple times I've been back over seas I always drink it that way.

Cut to a couple of months ago when I was introduced to green tea lattes via the new Bolthouse Farms drink. It was great and tasted like melted green tea soy ice cream. I then got one at Starbucks and it was kind of gross. Okay it wasn't gross, but it just tasted like soymilk with a little green tea. It was perfectly drinkable, but just not what I was hoping for. Now Tea's Tea has released a latte line, and lo and behold there is a matcha one. Luckily it's much better than Starbucks, and closer to the Bolthouse side of things. I would prefer that it was made with soymilk, but for something that is mass-produced and doesn't need to be refrigerated this is more than okay. It's vaguely grainy (in a good way) with a strong matcha taste. It has all of the flavor of green tea without the bitterness.

I don't think I'll go and make this for myself, but it's a nice treat. I wonder if the folks of Britain drink their green tea this way, or if they are a strictly black lot.
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