Teas' Tea Organic Hibiscus Green Tea

Teas' Tea Organic Hibiscus Green Tea
The Ito En / Teas' Tea company doesn't mess around. They keep things simple, natural and delicious. Their iced teas actually taste like tea instead of sugar, like most companies. They know the secret that tea is delicious on its own and it does not need to be disguised by sweeteners. Sure sometimes you want a little something extra in it, but for those times you certainly do not need to go overboard and dump the equivalent of a semi's load into a single bottle. With this “Lightly Sweet” tea they added 20g of sugar, as opposed to the 30-40g range that a lot of teas fall into. To be honest I didn't even need that much sugar. I think it detracts a bit from the green tea and hibiscus. When you use quality ingredients you don't need to mask the way they taste, and there is nothing but quality in this bottle. Do I think the floral taste would have been better without any sugar? Yes, I do. Do I really mind that they added some? No. It is still delicious. I believe hibiscus is at its peak when it is paired with some spices, such as cinnamon, but I do think it has a lot to offer in solo form and this drink proves that.
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Jason Draper on 4/12/17, 9:56 AM
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