Teas' Tea Organic Lightly Sweet Peach Ginger Black Tea

Teas' Tea Organic Lightly Sweet Peach Ginger Black Tea
I know I can be a stickler, but I really would prefer if companies named their products in the order of the prominent flavors. For example, this is labeled peach ginger, but in my mind it should be ginger peach. That's correct, for the first time ever a beverage has peach in it and it is not the flavor that is smacking you a good one, right in the kisser. In fact both flavors in here are fairly tame, but of the two, ginger is what I am getting the most of. They are not kidding when they say this is lightly sweet. Even though it's 20g of sugar, it tastes on the border of being unsweetened, which is where I like my iced tea to reside. So it's a black tea with a tad bit of sugar in it that tastes like it was steeped with a bunch of ginger in it (not enough to give it a burn, but enough for the flavor to be there) and then a single slice of peach was allowed to soak in it while it cooled down. I know I was complaining earlier, but this really is a nice tea, and I apparently just like to complain about something in every situation. I need help.
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Jason Draper on 11/11/17, 12:09 PM
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