The Maple Guild Black Tea Peach

The Maple Guild Black Tea Peach
Let me start this off by telling you all that I am a goddamn weirdo. Not only do I not put syrup on my pancakes and waffles, but I also don't put butter on them. 99% of the time I eat them plain with no added condiment (do they count as condiments?). Occasionally if I'm eating out and it comes with it I will eat them with some sort of fruit and whipped cream. I get weird looks by anyone who has never eaten breakfast food with me. I am by no means a maple man. My maple intake is limited to one day of year at the fair I go to the maple stand and try some super dark syrup and maybe have a maple donut or some popcorn. I like maple, but I like it sparingly, because it all too easily can become an overpowering taste.

This tea could get me to consume maple more often. It uses just enough of it to sweeten the tea (10g of sugar) and give it a light maple flavor. There is nothing heavy handed about it. It is not thick and syrupy and the flavor doesn't overpower the taste of the tea. I would say that the peach and maple ratio are about dead even in the flavor category. The result is that this is also a very smooth tea. It just glides right down your throat.

I want to drink this out in the woods while I am camping. Everyone else can get their pancakes sopping wet with cheap syrup and I will eat mine dry, but wash them down with this tea. It will be magnificent. Also, who makes pancakes while camping? It seems like a needless amount of extra things to bring. I suppose I am a minimalist though, who lives slim and goes often of tangents often.
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Jason Draper on 8/1/17, 12:07 PM
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