The Maple Guild Enhanced Maple Water Cranberry Pomegranate

The Maple Guild Enhanced Maple Water Cranberry Pomegranate
Does water not have to be put on ingredients lists anymore? The reason I ask is that it is nowhere to be found on this bottle and the first two things listed are organic maple sap concentrate and organic maple syrup. I know that when maple is tapped from a tree it is very liquidy and only acquires its sticky, syrupy state when cooked, but I didn't realize you could use it as the base for a beverage on its own. I would have assumed you needed to mix it with water. If you were to ask me I would say that I would think this would be a very viscous beverage but it really has the consistency of water.

What we have here is essentially Vitamin Water made with maple. It doesn't taste like maple syrup at all, it's just there as that watery base. It really tastes like a cranberry pomegranate Vitamin Water. It's full of antioxidants, electrolytes, and vitamins. Not what I expected, but enjoyable enough.
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Jason Draper on 8/29/17, 3:29 PM
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