Tiesta Tea Cold Brew Black Thai Tropical

Tiesta Tea Cold Brew Black Thai Tropical
Dear Tiesta Tea, I love you. We have a problem though. This is the same problem that I'm sure exists in many a bottled coffee drinkers relationships. You are truly delicious, but your price point is fairly high for something that I can approximate at home for a much lower cost. Sure it takes time and preparation, but at any given time I have a container of brewed tea just waiting for me in my fridge, and yes I have upgraded and I make it with loose leaf tea that has bits of fruit in it. Like you, Tiesta, it is delicious and I love to sip it on nearly any occasion for pennies on the dollar. I understand that not everyone takes the time to prepare like I do, and that you have your place. I mean even as I write this I am completely aware that I will buy more bottles of you in the future. Hell, if you were available in gas stations and mini marts that I frequent, I'm sure I would get lazy and get you on the regular, as you are a wonderful thing.

Let me say it's me and not you. Taste-wise I don't know what else you could do to improve. You are a high quality black tea that is brewed with pieces of apple, papaya, mango, orange, pomegranate, marigold pedals, and guava. You went as far as to add guava and that takes a special type of dedication. You truly are thinking of me and are trying to win my heart all for your own. Your unsweetened tropical fruity goodness tickles my taste buds in a way that I don't think the majority of Americans would honestly appreciate as much as they should. You taste like tea was meant to be made, in that you taste like tea and not sweetener. Perhaps I should just shut up with my complaints and love you for what you are; a near perfect tea. Perfection comes with a price and I should be happy to pay it. I'm a fool Tiesta, please take me back.

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Jason Draper on 3/11/18, 10:02 AM
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