Tim Horton's Creamy Chocolate Chill

Tim Horton's Creamy Chocolate Chill
I'm pretty sure this is the same as the Frozen Hot Chocolate but I will pretend that drink doesn't exist so I can review this limited time, Toronto based drink that I found.

This is basically a totally chocolate Iced Capp. Where there is some vague and minimal amount of coffee included in those, this is straight chocolate, son. Chocolate whipped cream and chocolate drizzlin's make this one Chocolageddon of a drink.

This drink isn't smooth, really. Not until you do all the work and blend the whippin's with the base and get something that is pretty smooth. Take note, Tim. That should be how this is done.

While I spend time with my dumb family in Toronto, I will be sure not to look back at this decision I made. Was it bad? No. It was guiltily delicious. It's like that time you were sixteen and J.O.'d like nine times. It was great but not really something you're proud of.
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Mike Literman on 10/3/15, 12:31 PM
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