Tim Horton's Latte Dark Chocolate

Tim Horton's Latte Dark Chocolate
Two days in a row? Yeah, two lattes in two days. I don't know what I'm doing to myself. Whatever it is, someone hearing me complain about how jittery I am is inevitable. Let's move on to what happened when I ordered this drink.

Since no one knows how to do their job, of course there was an issue with ordering this item which was on their menu with giant banners and small banners and signs. Something about "Everyone who has been ordering the dark chocolate latte has been getting hot chocolate!" or "You're pressing the wrong button on the machine!" or something to that nature. I did get what I ordered and waited very patiently which the "barista" was very appreciative of. Here's what she lovingly put in it. She put in latte at the press of a button. Technology, right? No hand tapping or twisting or turning or any of that nonsense. Then she squeezed in some chocolate whip which they use(d) on their cold hot chocolate which was fantastic. Then it looked like they threw some chocolate chips but they weren't chocolate chips. They were chocolate covered rice balls and were awesome.

How was it? Well I can easily say that I will be buying it through this winter season. It was very good. Darker, more bitter with (c/k)rispies and a nice smoothness. It was exactly what I wanted it to be. Tim Horton would be proud.
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Mike Literman on 12/9/14, 4:18 PM
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