Trader Joe's Green Tea

Trader Joe's Green Tea
Now this could be trouble. Here's what happens; I drink countless drinks per week, between ten and fifteen new drinks per week. That's a lot, right? Not many of them grab me but in the case that I do find one that grabs a hold of you like some sort of starving hawk in the middle of a desert, I crave it. A lot. I think about the next time I will be in the area and I can get some. Currently, I'm riding the proverbial horse of Panera's Tropical Hibiscus. I Just Can't Get Enough.

I bought this and didn't think much of it other than I was thirsty but a couple hours later and three quarters of a thirty three ounce bottle later, here I am trying to wonder when the next time myself or someone I can will be out at our new Trader Joe's to get me like four bottles of "the stuff."

Now this is not perfect but it's darn close. It's got the smell and the taste. The only thing it's missing is that little thing in green tea that people that like green tea like and people who claim they don't like green tea don't like. That strange, back of your tongue bitterness that makes your mouth water and crave more. It doesn't have that but it does have a very good taste and just tastes like an honest, home brewed green tea.

At two dollars, you have no reason not to at least try it. They have a fruit one, too that I will get next time I'm there stocking up on this habit. Darn it, Joe. You've caught me like a fish at some sort of fishing derby. A little secret about me, though? I'll get hooked so hard that when you stop selling it, you will miss me like the deserts miss the rain.
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Mike Literman on 12/1/13, 10:15 PM
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