Trader Joe's Organic Tea & Lemonade

Trader Joe's Organic Tea & Lemonade
First off, how awesome is the old time golf guy on the front of this? I'm pretty sure it's their way of incorporating the well-known name of this drink (an Arnold Palmer) without the ability to use the famous golfer's name.

This is the first lemonade/tea mix that I've found that is organic so I was very happy about that. While I have not had many, I must say this is my favorite I've ever tasted. Arizona's half and half is good, but the HFCS and aspartame just don't go well with how delicious this drink is. For that reason, I was so happy to see this was made with organic cane sugar. A glass of this goes down really smooth, and it's the perfect mixture of tea and lemonade. My only complaint is that it isn't available in smaller bottles. I would love to stock up my fridge with 20oz bottles of this. But for now, I'll still enjoy this out of the 64oz containers it's sold in.
Iced Tea and Lemonade
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Derek Neuland on 9/25/10, 6:41 PM
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