truBrain Think Drink Turbo

truBrain Think Drink Turbo
Once, in high school, a bunch of us went to a grocery store and my friend bought a bottle of Hawaiian Punch. The thing that he did not realize was that he had grabbed a bottle of concentrate and not the ready to drink variety. He took a big gulp and spit the red syrupy concentrate everywhere. I nearly had a similar experience with this pouch of truBrain. This may not taste as much like poison as the other flavor I tried did, but it certainly tastes like it should be mixed into a glass of water.

This is supposed to be strawberry banana flavored, which I guess it is if you took that flavored candy and boiled it down to a potent extract. Oh yeah they also made it taste diet. This is a function “beverage” though. Its purpose is to boost cognitive function by blending blends cognitive enhancers, nootropic nutrients, and neurochemical modulators. When things involve this kind of science chances of them actually tasting good are very low. Everything I have read about this company seems to say that it actually works if you order a subscription and stick with it. That's gonna be a lot of gross tasting pouches, but hey, your brain is worth it, isn't it?
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Jason Draper on 11/11/14, 3:05 PM
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