Twist Lemon

Twist Lemon
Here's what you do. Get yourself a couple of lemons. Cut them in half. Now pour yourself a decent sized glass of water. The next thing to do is to take those lemons you just cut up and squeeze the heck out of them into the water. Use a miniature pool skimmer to remove all pulp and seeds that have inevitably made their way into the water. Finally pull out that bottle of fancy agave syrup that you got at the health food stores. You thought you'd put it in your coffee, but you never did and it's just been sitting there. Dump a generous portion into the water and mix it all up. You now have lemon Twist. It's nothing spectacular, just lemon water with some sweetener in it. I don't know why you would put sweetener in lemon water, but they did. Enjoy, or not.
Sports/Dietary Supplement and Water
United States
Agave Nectar
Jason Draper on 7/27/11, 4:45 PM
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