Twist West Indies Lime

Twist West Indies Lime
Question: If this is supposed to be flavored water then why are there any sweeteners in here at all? There is both agave nectar and rebiana. That is two unnecessary sweeteners for “water with a twist.” This could have just been lime juice in water and it would have tasted fairly comparable. I certainly would have enjoyed it more. It's not sweet enough for the rebiana flavor to be justified. It takes away from the flavor of the limes. Those aren't just any limes either. They are West Indies limes. Those little bits of citrus traveled a long way to make it into this bottle and that dumb natural zero calorie sweetener is ruining it for them. There should have been a red carpet rolled out for them and teams of reporters. Instead they are walking over the old tattered rug into a by the hour motel that they are now sharing with a complete stranger. The glamour of the exotic is long gone my friends.
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United States
Jason Draper on 12/23/12, 3:57 PM
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