Ujjyana Organic Amazon Guayusa Cherry Ginger

Ujjyana Organic Amazon Guayusa Cherry Ginger
Once again with a drink, I am of two minds. On one hand, this is a great iced tea. It'ss organic, sweetened really well with agave, and has a really nice flavor. And unlike a lot of sweetened iced teas, the sugar (or agave in this case) doesn't overpower it so you can still taste the tea. I must say, it is damn good tea. I don't think I've ever had guayusa tea before, but it's delicious.

So what's wrong with it do you ask? Despite the name, it doesn't taste like cherry or ginger. This is a shame because I was really looking forward to the ginger. I can't pinpoint, but it's still good. This, my friends, is the only reason this is getting a 3 instead of a 4, false advertising.
Iced Tea, Juice and Ginger
United States
Organic Agave
Derek Neuland on 8/1/12, 6:24 PM
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