United States Government Lemonade

United States Government Lemonade
During World War II, while important battles were going on all over the place, the US Government sent a few spies into Italy to steal something. That something was the recipe for Italian Ice, that fantastic summer treat. It took a couple weeks of recon and infiltration, trust, and lies but they got it. They flew home with the recipe in a metal briefcase handcuffed to the leader.

When they got home it took a week or so to get it right but they got it. This was a big score for the troops because they not only got a sweet treat when the weather was ravaging them, but if they could not freeze it long enough, they would have lemonade. The mix made a good lemonade and they started phasing out the lemon ice. It tasted good, not diet regardless of artificial sweeteners, and reminded the troops of a delicious infiltration so many years ago.
Mix/Concentrate and Lemonade
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Mike Literman on 9/15/12, 6:33 PM
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