Urban Zen Green Tea Honey Jasmine

Urban Zen Green Tea Honey Jasmine
I had a true taste comparison with this one. As I've previously mentioned Arizona was my gateway into green teas. It was the first I've ever had and for a longtime it was my benchmark. How stupid I was. Last night I went to a show with my friend Dave and he brought a can of the classic Arizona green tea and I brought this bottle of Urban Zen. We were both happily drinking our respective teas when he needed me to hold his for some reason. Being the sneaky so and so that I am I took a sip. Wow, the two drinks while having essentially similar makeups were light years apart. I had never realized how cheap Arizona tasted before. It's essentially a sweetener with some green tea flavoring in it. This on the other hand was the real deal. It's properly brewed whole leaf green tea that has been infused with jasmine flower. It has a real green tea taste, and it's mostly sweetened with honey, which gives it's own twist to the flavor. All in all this has only 10g of sugar in it, which is all you ever really need in a sweetened tea. I'm pretty sure that Arizona has about 4 times that. The comparison made me realize how much of a kids drink Arizona really is, and how this is a tea of a pseudo sophisticated adult. It's slightly bitter with a nice light floral taste. Jasmine tea, it's not just for fancy Asian restaurants anymore. Arizona, I don't know if I'll ever look at your green tea the same way again.
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Jason Draper on 11/4/12, 5:51 PM
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