Urban Zen Green Tea Lemon

Urban Zen Green Tea Lemon
It's been many moons since I've seen this. I bought it and stored it. I didn't store it for a special moment like a taco party, hot dog extravaganza or anything like that. I just put it away and forgot about it. Sorry, guys. I'm nothing if I'm not honest. So let's carry on with the honesty, shall we?

How is this? It's pretty lemony. Lemonesque. Lemonique. It's a good, sweetened green tea but something about it gets a bit old. It's pretty strong in the lemon and it has real lemon so it's both bitter and sour. The more I drink it and analyzed it, the more appreciative I got but it didn't make the drink any better. The fact that it's sweetened with honey first and cane sugar second gets much respect, though. Credit where credit is due. This is fine. If you like your green tea strong and homemade, you might have found it.
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Mike Literman on 7/9/14, 4:45 PM
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