V8 + Energy Kiwi Melon

V8 + Energy Kiwi Melon
Mark, I was happy to come over and help you tear our your kitchen. I mean it's always great to help out a pal in order to save them some money. The thing is, this is day three of what was supposed to be a couple hour job. As I said, I'm happy to help out a friend, but I'm calling into work for this and old man Jenkins is getting pretty pissed, not to mention my paycheck is going to be light this week. I feel the need to mention that one jar of salsa and a bag of tortilla chips, does not really count as a meal, especially since you are a known salsa addict and eat 80% of it. The one thing I will say is that these energy drinks you picked up are pretty nice. Sure, you forgot to take the tag off of one of them and I see you picked them up at Big Lots for $.80 each, but I'm not one to care about cost, as long as the flavor is there. There is some taste here too. I'd say this is 20% kiwi melon, 70% apple, 5% sucralose, and 5% other. For something that is supposed to be carbonated kiwi melon green tea, it really tastes strongly of carbonated apple juice. That's not a complaint, more of an observation, so you can put down that pry bar. If you drink it while it's cold that artificial sweetener doesn't come through much, but the warmer it gets the more obvious it becomes. Overall it's pretty tasty and it's probably the thing I would complain about this situation the least. I'm hungry, jacked up on caffeine, and my body feels like it's breaking down. Why are there six different layers of flooring on top of the subfloor? Whoever owned this house before you was a real turd, you know that? By the way how much are you saving by us doing this work? $300?!?!?! Are you serious Mark? You know what? Screw you and screw your house and while you're at it screw your pittance of salsa. I'm taking the rest of this V8 I'm leaving. Yes, you will see me at Margret's on Saturday for Louie's birthday and yes I will have gotten over this by then, but as of now. You my friend are the turd.
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United States
Jason Draper on 12/29/17, 11:27 AM
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