Wegmans Organic Strawberry Lemonade

Wegmans Organic Strawberry Lemonade
I sit here all day. Watching. Watching the people. They want me and they don't even know it. I sit here, all tasty. I'm made from strawberries and lemons. Who wouldn't love me? Is that woman getting beaten by another woman? We're talking about me for a minute. I'm sweet and you can taste the strawberry but it still has the sting of the lemonade. It's like I've got a big jug of lemonade with countless amounts of strawberries just marinating in me. Now what do we have here? I've got to learn how to use this telescope better. I wonder if that kid that broke my leg is out delivering papers. He always does a terrible job. He doesn't make it within ten feet of the porch and often throws it when the sprinklers are on leaving me with a wet, unreadable paper.

I can't see, though. What is going on in that car? Is that a drug deal? No. It can't be. It's two kids. Was the local news true? Is Breaking Bad really influencing kids to deal drugs? Oh, wait, they're just playing Pokemon. This is dumb. I should be outside basking in the sun showing off my delicious digs. I'm strawberry lemonade, broken leg or not. I'm delicious and all will envy me. Just five more minutes. That orange juice across the street is taking off her sarong.
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Mike Literman on 8/8/12, 9:51 PM
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