Wegmans Sparkling Fruit Juice Tropical

Wegmans Sparkling Fruit Juice Tropical
Wegmans is our local grocery store, and it is the best grocery store I have ever set foot in. Seriously it blows everything else away. The selection is great, the prices are low and they even have a burrito bar that has tofu in it. Pure gold. On top of the store itself being incredible their store brand is as good as if not better than most brand names.

So the other day I'm in Wegmans getting myself one of those previously mentioned burritos and I decided I wanted something carbonated, but I didn't want soda. I just couldn't deal with that much sugar at the moment. I walked to the beverage aisle and I saw that they had these as a new product. I happily grabbed a four pack and made my way to the cashier with burrito in tow. I was expecting this to be a little on the seltzery side, but holy crap is it amazing. It's nothing but juice and carbonated water, but it tastes like one of the best pops you'd ever have. There's no sugar added to this, but it's still naturally nice and sweet. Luckily it was to a level I could handle that day. It tastes like a great blend of mango and orange juice with pineapple controlling the entire ordeal.

This four pack is already gone and I can't wait to try the other flavors. If you're lucky enough to have a Wegmans in your area, don't sleep on this juice.
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Jason Draper on 7/6/11, 9:50 PM
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