What's Knew Freshet Lemon Honey Green Tea

What's Knew Freshet Lemon Honey Green Tea
I don't particularly enjoy not being able to find anything on a company. I enjoy supporting a company I can get behind, but when two of the listed drink manufacturer's websites are down, and have been down for two years, I get a bit...iffy. I mean, seriously, it costs less than $20 a year to renew a domain and everyone knows someone who has more than enough hosting. Less tech, more tea.

I didn't like it. I like a light drink. I don't like over saturated juice or tea. A step above "weak" is right where I like to be. This tasted like someone put too much drink mix in and shipped it out. Also, an ingredient in the tea was "green tea powder" so I was pretty spot on. You do get a rather pleasurable lemon honey aftertaste, though. I quite enjoyed it, but didn't appreciate the initial punch in the face that it gave me.

Even with the highly contrasting dynamics of flavor, I will leave these on the shelf next time I see it.
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Mike Literman on 9/10/10, 9:27 AM
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