X2 Performance All Natural Energy Strawberry Kiwi

X2 Performance All Natural Energy Strawberry Kiwi
Yes, I know that caffeine is a source of energy, but when it's the only source of energy in a beverage I don't really think of it as an energy drink. X2 has, as the name suggests, two sources of caffeine; black and green tea. Even with that combo the 106mg of caffeine isn't much more than the 95mg that one would find in a cup of coffee. It still does give you a little boost though, especially if you are like me and are sensitive to caffeine.

Not only are their two types of tea in here, but there are also two different sweeteners; cane sugar and clover honey. The result is 33g of sugar per can. So with a ton of tea and sugar you would expect ot know what you are getting yourself into, but the truth is it doesn't taste much like tea. In fact, it tastes more like a kiwi strawberry tea Gatorade type drink. It's like a flavored water and not tea. I actually like the taste, but at first I expected it to be carbonated, because I expect all energy drink to be so, until proven wrong. Then I expected it to be tea heavy, and it was not. This is nothing what I thought at all. It still is a little bit of okay though.
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Jason Draper on 8/28/17, 7:15 PM
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