Yachak Yerba Mate Berry Blue

Yachak Yerba Mate Berry Blue
Ladies, Gentlemen and everyone in-between, I am here to spread the gospel of yerba mate. It is the superior brewed beverage and that includes all teas and coffee. It is the best as you should worship it for the golden god that it is. I am obviously glad that more companies are popping up who put out this wonderful beverage. Not only is it delicious, but it is also my favorite form of caffeine intake.

The mate flavor in this here can of Yachic isn't as strong as my favorite, Guayaki. The water to tea ratio is off and it is causing it to lack the earthiness that you normally get from a yerba mate. Anything that is lost from that imbalance is made up for by the taste of the blueberry though. It's flavored with organic blueberry juice, which causes it to actually tastes like the berries instead of the usual fake flavoring. This may taste more like a “regular” tea, but it at least tastes like a great version of that. This is what I would expect Arizona's take on yerba mate to be, but you know with better added flavors.
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Jason Draper on 4/29/18, 7:56 AM
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