Yogi Ginger

Yogi Ginger
Oh my stomach. I can tell that I have not been eating well when it constantly feels like I have a brick in my stomach. I assume, and am probably wrong, that this is what the second trimester of pregnancy feels like. Just like a thing is in your stomach and you feel like you're going to take an award winning poop and all will be fine.

In order to sooth my stomach and my head, a generous coworker brought me a bag of this tea which I made immediately. I sat down and didn't expect what would happen next. Wait...let me try to make that a little more BuzzFeed.

I drank the tea for the first time. What happened next you won't believe.

Better. So I drank it and there it was. Just as promised. Ginger. Spicy, dirty ginger. I enjoyed this entire cup of tea because it was like I let a bottle of ginger beer go flat in the sun and then decided that I didn't want to waste money so I was going to drink it anyhow. It wasn't sweet but there was a bite with every sip regardless of how much I drank.

BuzzFeed, if you want to link to this review, I already wrote your headline and I don't think anything is spelled wrong so you don't need to edit it. I guess I'll just expect my check in the mail then, right? Thanks, guys.
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Mike Literman on 8/28/14, 12:07 PM
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