Yogo Vera Mojito - Apple Mint + Lime

Yogo Vera Mojito - Apple Mint + Lime
I had to do a little Internet search to find the origins of the Mojito, because I honestly thought it was a modern invention, as I had never heard of it until about five years ago. I was way off, there are debates on the timeline, but one thing for certain is that this concoction existed on this mortal plane by 1650. Apparently it just became more popular in recent years, or else I'm just completely out of touch. Actually, that is very likely.

In my daydreams the following situation occurred: some friends were getting ready for a beach party and they decided last minute that they should make some mojitos for their day of leisure. They ran to the store and each was supposed to get an ingredient; one was to grab lime, one sugar, one sparkling water and the other apple mint (they apparently we're going nonalcoholic or they had the rum waiting in the car, that part did not matter to me). When they met back up after their purchases Mr. Apple Mint complained that he had to pay more because he had to buy two things. Everyone looked at him quizzically and he produced a bag of fresh mint and a jug of apple juice. Everyone laughed because he was obviously a dum-dum head who didn't realize that “apple mint” is just a type of mint and they didn't mean to get both apples and mint. They all laughed even more and added the apple juice to the mix for kicks, and the wonders it did provide. Guys, in that daydream, I was Mr. Apple Mint! I honestly thought that this was going to be apple, mint and lime. Oh the difference a comma can make (and an “M” as I almost spelled that coma).

Yogo Vera did not make the same mistake as me, but they did change up the classic recipe a bit. This is sugar, lime, and apple mint (which does have a slightly fruity flavor). Instead of the classic sparkling water and rum this Korean company used aloe vera drink, complete with chunks. The aloe gives it even more of a nondescript fruity flavor, and buries the mint a bit. It's not quite the wonderful drink that was created in my daydream, but it's perfectly acceptable. I would have preferred it to have a stronger mint flavor, but that would probably make it taste like you were drinking lime aloe after brushing your teeth. What a temperamental herb mint is.
Aloe Vera and Chunky
Yogo Vera
Jason Draper on 1/29/14, 2:55 PM
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