Zola Coconut Water With Pulp

Zola Coconut Water With Pulp
Whoever decided that coconut water should come packaged in cans like this has done well for the branding of the fruit. Coke has it's unique bottle shape and coconut water has tall cans with ridges. I can't think of anything else that comes in this sort of can. When I see a can of this nature I instantly think of coconut water and that is great from an advertising point of view.

In the past when I heard the word Zola I expected it to be followed by Jesus (she's a musician if you didn't know). Now I will also think of coconut water and nicely shaped cans. This is a fine coconut water. It's nothing new, but it's not trying to be. It's simply natural coconut water with some pulp in it. Nothing stands out about it, but do you really want something wacky from coconut water? I'm guessing now, you want refreshment.

The pulp in here are little hard chunks of raw coconut. They are a little bigger than what I would refer to as pulp, but I enjoyed them a great deal. It's nice to chew on them, and they add a little texture to the beverage.

Zola: doing coconuts right and making them proud.
Chunky and Coconut
No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 4/1/14, 8:04 PM
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