Zone 8 Honey Lemon

Zone 8 Honey Lemon
Honey versus lemon, fighting in your mouth. Fighting over something dumb like the hand of a princess who is filled to the brim with the profits of gems and jewels. Fighting over the bathroom like a male in a house full of older sisters. Fighting like seagulls when you throw a french fry in a Burger King parking lot.

In the skirmish, this drink is lacking in a good flavor. It kind of tastes like a lemon and honey tea is being strained through cereal but you have to kind of remind yourself that it's just the wildly pungent flavor of honey. Lemon and honey sounds good in a cough drop. Heck, it does sound good in an iced tea but the blend is off and I was left with a bottle of tea that seemed more like a home remedy than an over the counter drink.
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Mike Literman on 10/7/14, 4:51 PM
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