Zpirit Infuzion Peach & Basil

Zpirit Infuzion Peach & Basil
Is there anything more yuppyish than a juice bar? I'm sure there is (perhaps a wine bar) but it's pretty high on the list. The thing is that I love them. They are like a dream to me. I don't venture into one very often, but that is solely due to the cost, and I'm poor. Juice bars may be the only yuppie thing that I actually enjoy, but oh how I enjoy it.

At the juice bar that I occasionally visit along with their dizzying array of press made juices they also have a giant dispenser of water that is infused with a variety of things. Sometimes it's fruit and sometimes it's spices. My favorite times are when they have water infused with basil to sip on as you wait for your juice to be made. That's right, basil isn't just for Italian cooking anymore, and when you let it soak in water the water tastes incredible. It's not something you would chug on, but it's one fine sipping beverage.

When I saw this on a recent trip to Toronto I absolutely needed it. I forwent food and spent what was left of my Canadian money on this drink, and I made a wise decision. This is fantastic. It's simply water that had peaches and basil soaking in it (there are actually some peach chunks floating in the bottle). There is also some sweetener added to it, which I don't think is necessary, but humans like their sweetness. The cane sugar isn't so much of a problem as the stevia is. When you infuse water the flavor is generally pretty light, whereas stevia is a fairly strong flavor. In here it's pretty much kept in check, but it still distracts from the natural flavor of the peach and basil. My advice is ditch the sweetener and let the actual flavors work their magic. I'm excited to try the other flavors on future trips up north.
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Jason Draper on 12/5/14, 11:44 AM
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