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Dream Latte Mocha - Coffee + Almond Milk

Dream Latte Mocha - Coffee + Almond Milk
I had the weirdest dream last night. I was at a coffee shop with Carl Sagan and John Waters and they were just laying into me because I didn't want to order coffee and I had a hankering for some tea. These guys were ruthless, and the homophobic slurs were being thrown around like they were nothing. When I questioned John Waters on how he was comfortable doing that, he just told me to stop being such a “Nancy.” I finally gave in and got a mocha latte with almond milk. I really just wanted a green tea latte, but those two would not leave me alone. They still mocked me saying that a mocha was a kids drink and that I should drink coffee black like a man.

What I was served was odd. It seemed like it was 80% almond milk with a shot added that was a mixture of coffee and chocolate. It wasn't bad, but it was just a coffee flavored almond milk and not coffee with almond milk added. I told my two companions that they were jerks and that because of them I got a drink that didn't satisfy any of our immediate wants. I then woke up from a daydream at my desk with a carton of Dream ¾ empty in front of me.
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Evaporated Cane Syrup
Jason Draper on 1/24/15, 5:03 PM
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