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Sipp Sparkling Cherry Fizz

Sipp Sparkling Cherry Fizz
Big Lots or as we like to call it in our family, "Big Slobs" it a treasure trove of forgotten, overlooked or just plain overstocked garbage drinks. We love it. I found this and many other drinks on my last trip there. I bought three of these which, in hindsight, might have not been a wise investment.

This is kind of a tough drink to wrap your head around. You've got a couple different things. A sweet fruit in the cherry, a sour fruit in the lime and an inherently calming, smoothing vanilla. With every sip, your taste buds are drawn and quartered. This is not a bad drink but the flavors together and hardly complimentary. It's the threesome where "the third" is just kind of in the way and messing up your groove and their friggin' elbow are just sticking into you. You thought that would be a good idea. "How about that girl at the bar?" you said. This was supposed to be fun and now it's infuriating and you're wondering if you can get them to leave and continue where you left off. There's no way. There's no way.
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Organic Agave Light Syrup
Mike Literman on 4/5/19, 7:17 AM
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