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Goldenbrew Black Tea and a Touch of Honey

Goldenbrew Black Tea and a Touch of Honey
One wouldn't think there would be much variation between simple black teas. One would also be very wrong. Nearly every company whose black tea I have sampled has their own little twist on flavor that makes them unique. Goldenbrew uses whole tea leaves in their brewing process, and you wouldn't think that such a small thing would make such a difference, but it really does. You can tell that higher quality ingredients are used and they are brewed with more pride. Obviously this is better than a garbage Brisk, but it also overshadows the natural lines of the “big” tea companies. It also helps that it is lightly sweetened with honey. I'm of an age where I prefer my teas to be unsweetened, but honey is a game changer. It's not meaningless sweetness. It adds a depth and new flavor to the already wonderful tea. It's important to note that they also don't go overboard with the honey, which is so easy to do. It teases you with its hint of flavor, leaving you wanting more and before you know it the bottle is gone and you wish you had more. Now that is the sign of a good tea.
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Organic Clover Honey
Jason Draper on 7/11/16, 8:39 PM
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