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Red Rain Mocktail Margarita

Red Rain Mocktail Margarita
Excuse me, waiter? I have a question about the menu. It says here that you serve “Classic Margarita Pizza,” what is that all about? Is it like a pizza that has margarita mix stirred into the sauce? I mean I'm assuming it's not a pizza with a drink poured on it. Oh, it's “margheritra” not “margarita.” So it's just a pizza with sauce, moz cheese and basil? That makes much more sense. The thing is that I now have a hankering for a margarita since we've been talking about it. I understand that we're at an arcade for a children's birthday party, but I've got the itch. Do you have anything that would scratch it? Of a mocktail? That would work.

You know what, this is pretty darn good. It's like a lime soda with a little bit of a twist. I have to be honest here; I have never actually had a margarita, so I don't know what they are supposed to taste like. I always assumed it was something festive and slightly tropical, and that is exactly what is being served to me in this can. It makes me with this party had an island theme so all the kids could have a reason to enjoy this, and I wouldn't look like a total creep trying to get them to drink it. Man, that lime taste is strong, and it's great. Now where's my pizza?
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Jason Draper on 12/12/14, 9:56 AM
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