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Black Energy Gold

Black Energy Gold
For whatever the reason, sometimes you just want to sneak a drink. Maybe you don't want to share. Maybe you're in a situation where it wouldn't be proper. Certain drinks are easy to get away with, but energy drinks are not one of them. You can try to cover up the sound of the can cracking up all you want, but as soon as the can is opened, everyone around you is aware of what you've done and what you're drinking because it's scent has perfumed half a block's radius.

I wasn't trying to be stealthy with this beverage, but every head that was around me turned once the smell hit them. It's a scent I can only assume you are well aquatinted with, and it tastes pretty much exactly as it smells. This is not an exact Red Bull replica, but it is enough of a facsimile that you can guess what it would be like on your tongue. It is to Red Bull as Pepsi is to Coke.

This is apparently the limited edition version. I don't know why someone would need a limited edition energy drink, especially when it doesn't taste like anything special, but there you have it.
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Jason Draper on 5/4/14, 10:28 PM
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