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Noh Foods Hawiian Iced Tea

Noh Foods Hawiian Iced Tea
Hawaii is a tropical wonderland. Everyone knows that. It's lush, gorgeous and relaxing. You can hike through a jungle, spend the day surfing, check out a volcano or just relax on the beach. What more could anyone want. On top of that the fruits that grow on the islands are out of control: guavas, pineapples, mangoes and many others that you have probably never heard of, but that are more than likely delicious.

With all the great produce that grows I has hoping for this to be some sort of exotic iced tea. Can you just imagine an iced tea with guava juice in it? I think my taste buds would retire after tasting such a thing. Unfortunately Noh Foods' Hawiian Iced tea is simply the normal lemon variety. There is nothing wrong with that, and it's actually one of the finest lemon teas I've ever tasted, but I was just hoping for something more unique to the geographic namesake.

Noh Foods were smart when they made this. They knew that the tea is the main part of the drink, and that the amount of lemon juice they added to it mustn't distract one from the taste of the tea. I was actually surprised to find out that it was instant tea, and not traditionally brewed. Normally drinks made from instant tea are on the lower rungs of quality, but they have over come that and created a very nice product. I just hope they read this and decide to expand their line into some innovative fruit flavors.
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Jason Draper on 7/1/12, 7:35 PM
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