Alpha Wolf Focus & Revitalizing Beverage Goji / Pomegranate / Mango

Alpha Wolf Focus & Revitalizing Beverage Goji / Pomegranate / Mango
One of the simple pleasures in life is when you come home and there is a package waiting for you that you were not expecting. There is the rush of excitement when walk up to the package wondering what it could possibly contain. It's even nicer when you look at the return label and discover that it is not junk, but something you could truly enjoy. I came home to this, opened the box and then less than 15 minutes later I got an email from Alpha Wolf telling me that they forgot to give me a heads up that a package was coming. I appreciate their oversite because it perked up my day a bit.

I wish it wasn't my job to pay close attention to beverages. I put these in the fridge to get cold, and when I finally cracked one open it was wonderful. It tasted fruity and real. There were some other flavors in there as well, but it was all pleasant and it seemed to all make sense. I have never had mango mixed with an antioxidant rich fruit before and now I don't know how no one ever paired them up before. They complement each other perfectly. After a few wonderful sips in when the troubles began. I looked at the ingredients list. Right there in the #2 position was erythritol. Up until that point I had no inkling at all that any zero calorie sweeteners were being used in here at all. After reading that I took another sip and it was painfully obvious. I'm taking full blame on this one. It's not on Alpha Wolf. If they can make a product that uses erythritol and stevia and not have me notice it instantly they have created something great. I'm chalking it up to my brain searching out the flavor once I knew it was in there. This is a wonderfully fruity beverage that will do it's best to help you achieve some clarity in this horrible world in which we live.
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Jason Draper on 7/9/17, 4:21 PM
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