Boing! Guava

Boing! Guava
Grit. People nowadays aren't conditioned for any sort of "stuff" in their drink. They should be because "stuff" usually mean better. Try it. I'm serious. Go to the store and buy something that's just gnarly looking. If I can make a recommendation, something along the lines of this drink or any of the many Goya nectar drinks. Drink it. It's good, right? It tastes like fruit. Real fruit. Real, gritty, natural, seed filled fruit. If Mother Nature was an actual person and made a drink, it would have grit in it. You know that's true.

Take thing drink for instance, it is just guava and a little bit of sugar. Alright, alright, there are some other things that probably don't need to be there like sorbitol but the preservatives are probably needed to keep this "100% Natural" drink alive. This is a good drink, though. It tastes like tropical fruit just like it should. It's also served in a cool, skinny, tall bottle that's embossed with the company name and has some awesome artwork that's pretty out of this world.
Natural Cane Sugar
Mike Literman on 4/26/12, 2:13 PM
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