Bolthouse Farms 1915 Apple Romaine Cucumber Spinach Kale Lemon

Bolthouse Farms 1915 Apple Romaine Cucumber Spinach Kale Lemon
Do you see all of those flavors listed in the title of this drink? Well that is all that is in this bottle. There is absolutely nothing else, not even added water. It's juice plain and simple. I am a huge fan of the current juice craze. Sure it can be ridiculously expensive, so I don't indulge all of the time, but it is nice to know that people care about something healthy and simple and it's out there for the taking.

Remember when I mentioned the cost of juice? If not you should probably see a doctor because it was two sentences ago and you have a real problem with short term memory. Well, Bolthouse cold-presses their 1915 juices, just like those expensive companies do, except they charge about half the price. These are normally around $4 and they seem to be on sale a decent amount for $3, which is not bad at all.

This version of the juice is their “greens” output. Sure, when you think about it this contains the ingredients to a salad, and drinking a salad doesn't sound very appetizing, but I assure you that is not what this is like. Maybe if it had dressing included it would be. If that were the case I'm guessing a lot of people would vomit upon drinking it though. The lemon and apple in here give it enough of a fruity edge to balance out greens. You can still taste them, but in a good way. Not like you ordered a house salad with a blender at an Applebees. Is that on the menu still? This is a beverage you can feel good about drinking with no guilt and you don't feel like you're forcing it down for the sake of health. It's enjoyable all around.
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Jason Draper on 3/13/17, 8:40 AM
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