Bolthouse Farms Daily Greens

Bolthouse Farms Daily Greens
I finally decided to start reading the Walking Dead comics. I've watched the television show, and have enjoyed it for what it is, but I really enjoy the comics. I'm about halfway through the run so far, and without giving away too many spoilers they have a garden. It's garden season in real life as well, and tons of my friends are all excited about it. There is a certain greatness to growing your own food, and when the apocalypse is upon us I'm sure I'll be doing some myself, but at this moment of readily stocked grocery stores, I don't have the patience to keep up with a garden. We had a semi decent garden at our house last year (that I planted, but others took care of) and one thing I noticed was that the vegetables it produced didn't have all that long of a shelf life when not refrigerated. Now the folks in the comic have a gigantic garden to provide most of their sustenance, but what happens at the end of the season? They are going to be stuck with a whole mess of food that is going to rot away as there is only so much food that you can consume. What a bummer. Note to self: winter during the apocalypse is probably the worst thing ever. It's freezing, it's boring and there is no fresh food. I bet 95% of post apocalypse deaths occur during the winter; natural and suicide related.

So here I am drinking this juice thinking about food wasting away at the end of the world. I'm having a real upbeat day. I did figure that juicing some of your leftover vegetables would probably be a good option. It would still go bad, but probably not as fast, and for those who want to forget the woes of Armageddon it would probably turn alcoholic.

When that time comes for me I shall use this bottle of Bolthouse Farms as a beginning blueprint for how to make my juice. Actually I will use it more for reference on what not to add to it. Number one on the “no fly” list would be celery. Sure it has a couple of benefits, but I don't think they will be necessary in the environment I'll be in and the flavor of this particular vegetable is just too overpowering. There is only 1/3 of a cup of celery in this bottle and it's all I can smell/a good deal of what I can taste. Secondly I wouldn't add much fruit to it. I would leave the fruit for it's own juice, leave it out of my vegetables. Sugary vegetables are not for me, especially the green variety; I want to be able to taste their leafiness.

So what Bolthouse has is a juice that is a bit too sweet for a vegetable juice and a little heavy on the celery side. Remove those problems and what you would have is the base of this, which is a delicious leafy mixture of kale, spinach, romaine and cucumber with a hint of lemon to add a little something-something. It has a bunch of vitamins in it and it's pretty healthy for you. That celery though, man that just kind of ruins it all for me. Now back to reading about people, because that is what the Walking Dead really boils down to: a story about how people interact that just happens to be in a zombie ridden world.
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