Bolthouse Farms Limited Edition Watermelon Mint Lemonade

Bolthouse Farms Limited Edition Watermelon Mint Lemonade
Sometimes your friends pretend to be adults and throw a brunch. Is there anything more grown up then brunch? Most self-respecting kids and teenage malcontents would still be asleep during the brunching hour. In order to be a little more refined I decided I should not show up empty handed like common street trash and I brought this bottle of watermelon mint lemonade. What better way to celebrate an adult meal than with the adult version of a childhood favorite (no not Mike's Hard Lemonade, that's just for grown up children).

It was a nice warm summer day and this beverage fit the bill just nicely. It was refreshing, tasty and unique all at the same time. Let's deconstruct this for a second shall we? The lemonade base in here is nothing more than water, lemon juice and cane sugar. It's exactly what lemonade should be; a bit tart but also sweet. It's the flavor that inspired Wonka candy, okay that may not be true, but let's pretend that Senior Wonka was sipping on nice lemonade when he came up with the idea of Sweet Tarts. Back on track: So we have ideal lemonade to start with and then some watermelon juice is added. We're no fools and we know that watermelon is a hard flavor to capture. It's very distinct, but it's also watery, so adding it to other beverages tends to make them a bit watered down and the sought after flavor is lost. Bolthouse has found a way to make that flavor present. It may not be bold, but it's definitely there, and it does not detract from the lemonade, making it weak. Things are looking good. There is just one thing to add and that is a touch of mint. It's so easy to go overboard with mint and wind up with a beverage that tastes like you're drinking it while chewing five pieces of Wrigley in your mouth. It's lucky for us that Bolthouse knows restraint. The mint in here is very light. It's noticeable and gives the lemonade bit of a twist, but it doesn't just taste like a mint drink. Throughout this entire adventure the lemon juice has been driving the car, and it's not going to pull over for anything. No one is allowed behind the wheel of its baby, but it.

So what we have here is a perfect summer beverage that goes well with a tofu scramble, fresh fruit, bagels and donuts. Hey brunch doesn't have to be fancy, it just needs to come with a side of melon.
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