Bolthouse Farms Protein Plus Mango

Bolthouse Farms Protein Plus Mango
Perry had decided to become a vegetarian a few months ago. He was still in high school, but he knew it was the right thing for him to do. He loved animals. He didn't want to eat them. Every time he thought about eating meat Gorilla Biscuits would pop into his head;
”Cats and dogs have all the luck.”

At first it was hard. His parents didn't think he was serious, so they wouldn't buy him special food. As a result he ended up eating a lot of the vegetable side dishes his mom made for dinners and a whole mess of peanut butter sandwiches. After a month, they saw that he was serious and started buying him veggie burgers and the like. His mother was also concerned that he wasn't going to get all of the vitamins and minerals that he needed out of his diet. She always went on and on about how he wasn't getting enough protein. She would buy him protein energy bars all the time. When Bolthouse came out with their Protein Plus line she took it as a sign and bought some for Perry. It's every mother's dream to have her kids drinking juice with no sugar added and with a whole mess of protein in it.

At first Perry was put off by it. The whey protein in the drink gave it an almost chalky consistency. It was unlike anything he had ever drunk before. It also kind of tasted like someone dumped a carton of heavy cream into some mango puree. It was like a chalky mango creamsicle. After he drank about half of the bottle Perry became acclimated to it. The fruit flavor started to shine through more and the dairy aspect of it faded into the background. It got to the point where he down right enjoyed the drink. When he was finished he was a bit upset and he couldn't wait until the next time his mom would go shopping. Even though he had learned online that the foods he was eating were giving him more than enough protein, he wasn't about to tell him mom that she was a big dummy. If she wanted to buy him fancy “candy bars” and juices who was he to complain?
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