Bolthouse Farms Raspberry Blood Orange

Bolthouse Farms Raspberry Blood Orange
So either there was a mishap with the labeling of this product, the people at Bolthouse have learned some crazy science that would make them masters at mixing fountain beverages, or the company employs warlocks. The reason for this is that the flavor listed on the bottle is Raspberry Blood Orange, yet the fruit it lists as making up the juice are blood oranges, apples, strawberries, cherries, and pomegranate. As you can see raspberries are not included in this bottle, yet without knowing the name of this juice I would have bet money that it included raspberries just from the taste. Okay at the very bottom in tiny writing it does say raspberry puree is used, but it's in the fine print, so I'm guessing like .05% of this is actual raspberry. That being said, this may taste more like raspberries than any other drink I have ever tried. Perhaps mixing strawberries and cherries tricks one mind into thinking it's a raspberry. I don't know, but I wish I did, because I would like to recreate it on my own. This juice is fantastic and it is exactly what I needed to drink while I'm dealing with this cold. Can someone come over and just squeeze blood oranges and raspberries directly in my mouth, because I seem to have drunk this entire bottle. I would also accept it if you brought several more bottles with you instead.
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Jason Draper on 2/21/18, 3:31 PM
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