Bolthouse Farms Tropical + Carrot

Bolthouse Farms Tropical + Carrot
Oh tropical fruit how I love you. I just can't get enough of passionfruit, guava and…€¦pears? Wait…€¦what? Since when are pears a tropical fruit? I grew up in Western New York and my next-door neighbor had a pear tree in her backyard. I can assure you without a shadow of a doubt that I do not live in a tropical location. The snowstorm we are currently in can attest for that. So why is there a picture of a pear on this label? I guess it could be some special kind of tropical pear, but the ingredients just say pear, so I imagine it's just a run of the mill pear. I know that not all of the fruit in here is tropical, there are also apples, but maybe they should have switched out that pear image for an orange. At least they are quasi tropical.

Whatever the deal is with the pear, it's unimportant when it comes to the taste of this juice. It does in fact taste tropical with an underlying vegetable flavor of the carrots. It's not very strong, and this tastes way more like a fruit juice than anything, but you can definitely taste a little something extra going on.12.5 carrots were murdered in the making of this drink, yet the ¾ of a passionfruit that was also brutally slain is far more present in the flavor. The tropics win again root vegetables, like they always will, like they always should.
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Jason Draper on 12/15/13, 12:13 PM
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