Bolthouse Farms Tropical Goodness

Bolthouse Farms Tropical Goodness
Dear Bolthouse,
Why did you hide that coconut all the way in the back of the image on this label? The way the fruits are arranged makes me think that this is going to pack a powerful fruit punch, with just a splash of coconut in the aftertaste. In reality this is mostly coconut water with some fruit flavor to it. I will give you that it has a thicker consistency than most coconut water, but the flavor is still there. Actually I will say this is 50/50 coconut water/juice. It's enjoyable, but it's just not what my taste buds were expecting.

Even with the coconut being stronger than I anticipated this is truly a tropical beverage. It's made up of coconut, guava, orange, banana, pineapple and dragonfruit. Get rid of that banana (you can't really taste it anyway) and that is a party I would be severely bummed if I wasn't invited to. All of those flavors blend into a new greatness that I can only assume most people would love to add rum to. Tropical fruit and rum go together, right? I mean if I understood everything correctly it's the official booze of desert islands. There is also “finely ground chia” in here, but it's so finely ground that I can't pick it out in the texture nor the flavor.

While this drink wasn't what I expected it to be going into it, it ended up being a nice ride that I will happily take again.
Coconut and Juice
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Jason Draper on 1/3/15, 11:04 AM
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