Celestial Seasonings Black Tea Southern Sweet

Celestial Seasonings Black Tea Southern Sweet
Oh boy. The entirety of the South is going to be upset. Celestial Seasonings, the entry-level tea company that we don't have any reason to hate, is going to get themselves into trouble with this little guy. I've said it a lot, but I'll say it again. The key to a good sweet tea is the lack of ingredients. Celestial Seasoning knows what time it is and they know tea but for some reason, they never made the jump from regular, inexpensive hot tea, to cold brew tea. Now they have and people should watch out.

This tea is wonderful. It tastes like a great, homemade sweet tea. It's just the right amount of sweet and still tastes like a real tea. It's all contained in that tiny little container, too.

I only bought one type of Keurig K-Cups prior to this and that's the dark hot chocolate. Spending $2 on a drink is alright. It's right at the cusp of where I can take it or leave it. You can't buy less than sixteen of these and it costs usually around $11, which, to us Thirsty Dudes, it astronomical because we only need one drink and sometimes that is too much. In hindsight, I'm alright with spending that much now. Not because it comes out to less than $1 per glass, but because it's good enough that I will easily drink it again and again.
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Mike Literman on 7/15/12, 9:35 PM
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