Cici Jelly Juice Lychee

Cici Jelly Juice Lychee
You know how you have a grandma? I love my gramma. She makes the best cookies. It's a shame they had to juice her to make this drink. As you know, I am foolin' 'round here. Lychee is a strange fruit to me. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I loathe it. It's a fruity, nutty flavor that is very strong. Combined with the nata de coco and the fact that this juice is in a pouch, it had to be done.

It is actually one of the better lychee drinks I've had and if you like lychee, you should try it. There are about 1,000,000 chunks per sip (cps) so if you aren't a fan or you don't think you can look past them, perhaps the Maaza lychee juice is more your speed. Think of this drink as a poorly pureed, homemade lychee juice.

Honestly, for $0.60, you can't really lose, and there are more that I will probably try in the upcoming months. As if it needs to be said, I got this at an Asian market.
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Mike Literman on 1/18/11, 9:47 AM
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