Hawaiian Sun Green Tea with Ginseng

Hawaiian Sun Green Tea with Ginseng
Hawaii, man. Reason why it's so expensive to live there is because they're doing stuff right. They've only got what they've got on the island and everything that isn't indigenous probably is a super hassle to get there. But, the stuff they've got on the islands is awesome. This tea, for instance, is right. It's bitter from the green tea and ginseng but is sweet because of that sweet, sweet Hawaiian cane sugar. Oh to spend a half hour in one of those cane sugar farms...I would walk out with my own personal stalk and just enjoy life until my teeth fell out.

Come on, Continental United States. Get on it. Little Hawaii is getting stuff right and you're mucking it up with your garbage preservatives and diet nonsense. I'll pay a little more if you just drop all this penny pinching garbage and make something with quality. We deserve it. You've been making swill for too long and I'm about to just hand in my "land lubber" card and move to Hawaii and live off the land. Nothing but Spam, high fiving Duane Chapman at Chili's and this iced tea for me. Aloha Hawaii and peace out, New York.
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Mike Literman on 4/28/14, 4:30 PM
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